The Car Parts Finder Network That Saves You Money

Carsparefinder is a major part locator service that will help you search for cheaper used and reconditioned spares around in the UK for your car or van. Our website system matches your request with dozens of nationwide car salvage yards and suppliers to help you attain genuine replacements that can be bought at a fraction of the price new with savings of up to 80%.

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Buying aftermarket spares can sometimes affect warranties and in some cases are not of the quality of the originals, so the CarSpareFinder service can be more than just saving money. There is little need to pick up a phone or drive around, these parts suppliers will come to you with prices updated via your personal quotation screen and emails. If you are looking for our site try here | Alternators

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For availability and prices of 1000's of used good quality spares from roof linings to wheels, there's a good chance we can help, sourced from scrap car buyers. The car part dismantlers on our system have access to most items for your vehicle such as Gearboxes, Engines, Sunroofs and Clutches. Even if you a searching for that "specific spare", there is a chance our network can locate it for you.

Salvage Cars Provide Stock

Most newer spares are provided from damaged and crashed vehicles bought in by specialists who buy these from insurance companies. These donor salvage models may be un-economical to repair, but often have very valuable re-usable spaares that can be recycled and re-used.

salvage vehicles provide newer parts

Delivery Information

All car and van parts can be delivered to your home or trade address. Check out the approximate time it may take when communication with the relevant scrap yard or breaker. Prices will vary, based on part weight and sometimes some couriers charge more for certain areas. This is why we ask for your post code during the part request process, so an accurate price on delivery can be made.

delivery to your home or work

Part Warranties and Guarantees

All suppliers give warrantees with the parts they sell, but they will differ depending on criteria such as age, mileage and condition. Most components will be cleaned and ready for a lifetime of re-use, but cheaper options may be offered so please check before purchase.

warranties on all parts

Used Versus New

As a whole most breaker yards offer used spares, but do occasionally hold new stock including accessories, so check the product description. It is recommended that some accessories should only be bought new, especially those related to your braking system such as brake pads etc.

Credit cards are accepted, delivery times can vary.