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CarSpareFinder helps you find cheaper engines for all makes of cars and vans, by using our online system. It's a Free and simple process to attain low mileage or even reconditioned blocks, half and complete engines, that can be delivered straight to you.

Here is how the process of sourcing and purchasing a car engine works. In order for your engine specialist to know what you are looking for, you need to complete the form. Try to be as precise as possible, with registration number and any engine serial numbers too. Your request information is then sent, only to registered engine suppliers on our system, who will check for item availability. If in stock, based prices will be shown on your personal price screen and sent by email. You then compare your engine quotes and decide which supplier you want to deal with. You can then ring them, to order. Don't forget to ask about delivery and warranties, all yards offer these.

Sometimes when being offered a reconditioned block there is a requirement to supply your old engine, so they can recondition that and so on. Quotes can very enormously, because of different years, mileages and any evidence of regular servicing. So don't just assume the most expensive quote is the worst, there could be good reason for it. so remember to ask all the questions.

Any serial numbers can help finding the correct engine for your vehicle. Some manufacturers can change versions several times in a single year ( mainly French), so registration information may not be enough to get an exact replacement. At the same time, Often engines can be used across different models and makes (i.e. VAG group), so having a Professional give advice may help

It only takes a minute to complete the form to get quotes from different sources, with no obligation

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Credit cards are accepted from all engine supplier, delivery times can vary.

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