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  • 05.09pm: GT (04 on) SET ALLOY WHEELS (4) 1970. For year 1988 18 " blackline alloy wheels
  • 11.12am: 146 test *OTHER* test. For year 1989 test
  • 10.29am: 75 (88 92) PROPSHAFT COUPLINGS 3,0. For year 1990 The front coupling
  • 11.46am: 147 (01 09) tspark PASSENGER SIDE LOCKING KNOB 1.6. For year 1991
  • 02.46pm: Spider (90 93) BONNETS 2000. For year 1992
  • 08.43am: 33 Hatchback (88 95) BS PUMPS 1.7. For year 1993
  • 02.08pm: 164 (88 98) 164 super lusso *SUSPENSION COMPONENT 3000. For year 1994 rear sub frame
  • 08.58pm: 155 (92 98) EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLE - (Front O/S) . For year 1995
  • 10.21pm: GTV (96 04) EXHAUST SECTION PIPE (REAR) 2000. For year 1996 ALFA ROMEO GTV 2.0 exhaust rear box tail pipe required
  • 03.15pm: 146 1.6 t spark WIPER LINKAGES (FRONT) 1600cc. For year 1997

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