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CarSpareFinder helps you find find most things for your Ford C Max, by using our online system. It's a Free and simple process to attain those accessories from a network of Ford breaker yards and suppliers from all over the UK.

Here is how the process of sourcing and purchasing Ford C Max parts works. In order for your Ford specialist to know what you are looking for, you need to complete the form. Try to be as precise as possible, with registration number and any Ford C Max serial numbers too. Your request information is then sent, only to registered Ford breaker yards on our system, who will check for item availability. If in stock, C Max based prices will be shown on your personal price screen and sent by email. You then compare your Ford C Max car parts quotes and decide which salvage company you want to deal with. You can then ring the Ford supplier, to order the components. Don't forget to ask about delivery and warranties, all Ford C Max vehicle dismantlers offer these.

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  • 09.06am: Zetec DOOR MIRROR (N/S ELECTRIC) Nearside (Passenger Side) 1999. For year 2008 , id=389133.
  • 10.30pm: HEADLAMP SURROUND - Nearside N/S Passenger Side) 1.6. For year 2004 , id=389052.
  • 10.30pm: HEADLAMP SURROUND - Offside (O/S Drivers Side) 1.6. For year 2004 , id=389053.
  • 08.43pm: 1.8 Petrol ENGINE COMPLETE" 1798 QQDA. For year 2005 , id=388972.
  • Recent Price Quotes

  • 05.43pm TURBO CHARGER . For year 2004, Price £450, Q=474306
  • 06.36pm TURBO CHARGER . For year 2010, Price £390, Q=456906
  • 11.19am AERIAL (ROOF) Mine has broken off, just need the screw in aerial. For year 2004, Price £14.4, Q=427805
  • 06.43pm WHEEL JACK and BRACE . For year 2008, Price £27.59, Q=357135

  • CSF is a leading name online for when consumers need to search for used cheaper Ford "C Max" spares and even when consumers also consider buying them new. The beauty of CSF is that it is relatively easy to locate vehicle dismantlers who occasionally stock used accessories offering great savings even from Ford C Max breaker yards. Use our web site. It's a good place to find automotive bits and bobs. WhatCar and other consumer automotive specialist magazines and sites can't help much finding parts. Recycled cheap " C-max" items are bread and milk to CSF.

    Here are some typical requests

    Id. No 1118646: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) 1.9: CD PLAYER for year 1988:

    Id. No 1142103: FORD C MAX Ghia 2.0: DASHBOARD COMPLETE for year 1994:

    Id. No 1346980: FORD C MAX cmax ghia 2000: *OTHER* for year 1996: roofrack

    Id. No 1129469: FORD C MAX transit, 1997 van 2500: TAIL LAMP LENSE (O/S) for year 1997: rear left tail light for a transit van

    Id. No 1146770: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) s 1400: ENGINE COMPLETE (Petrol) for year 1998:

    Id. No 1195562: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) : SEATBELT (FRONT N/S) for year 1999:

    Id. No 1236666: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) lx 1.800: FOGLIGHT (FRONT N/S) for year 2002:

    Id. No 1112781: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) tdi 2000: ENGINE COMPLETE (Diesel) for year 2003:

    Id. No 1111089: FORD C MAX tdi 1600: REAR BACK LIGHT (O/S) for year 2006:

    Id. No 1111615: FORD C MAX ghia 1800: WIPER ARM/BLADE (FRONT O/S) for year 2007:

    Id. No 1118549: FORD Focus C MAX (03 10) ZETEC 1997: WHEEL for year 2009:

    Id. No 1111680: FORD C MAX left side Mirror ind 1800: *OTHER* for year 2010: Left Side Mirror indicator Lamp

    Id. No 1284789: FORD C MAX titanium mk 2 2010 o 2.0 diesel : QUARTER PANEL (REAR O/S) for year 2011: this is the newest c max 2011 model

    Id. No 1284049: FORD C MAX tdi 1.6: DOG GUARD for year 2012:

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