CarSpareFinder helps you find cheaper Skoda car parts, by using our online system. It's a Free and simple process to attain those accessories from a network of new and used Skoda breaker yards and suppliers from all over the UK.

Here is how the process of sourcing and purchasing Skoda spares works. In order for your Skoda specialist to know what you are looking for, you need to complete the form. Try to be as precise as possible, with registration number and any Skoda serial numbers too. Your request information is then sent, only to registered Skoda breakers and suppliers on our system, who will check for item availability. If in stock, based prices will be shown on your personal price screen and sent by email. You then compare your Skoda part quotes and decide which breaker you want to deal with. You can then ring the Skoda supplier, to order the components. Don't forget to ask about delivery and warranties, all suppliers offer these.


Recent Requests

  • 03.09pm: Octavia Estate (98 05) *BODY COMPONENT . For year 2012 front bumper: 1581132
  • 12.13pm: Octavia Hatchback (04 on) tdi INERIOR DOOR TRIM - Front Offside (O/S Drivers Side) 1.6. For year 2011 : 1580030
  • 11.39am: Superb Hatchback (08 on) greenline HUB CAP 1.9L. For year 2010 quote for 1 hub cap, may take 4.: 1581235
  • 09.29am: Octavia Hatchback (04 on) Tdi *OTHER* . For year 2009 Boot lid: 1581345
  • 09.50am: Octavia Hatchback (04 on) *BODY COMPONENT . For year 2007 Headlight washer jet cover: 1581346
  • 08.14pm: Octavia Hatchback (98 05) ambiente *GEARBOX COMPONENT 1.9 tdi. For year 2004 Gearbox: 1580248
  • 08.05pm: Octavia vRS (01 05) *OTHER* . For year 2002 Front windscreen: 1580583
  • 10.44am: Fabia Hatchback (00 07) *OTHER* . For year 2000 Rear passenger light unit: 1581568
  • 08.37pm: Felicia Estate (95 01) Magic *ELECTRICAL COMPONENT 1.3mpi. For year 1999 OSF oe electric window regulator: 1581536
  • 10.56am: Favorit Hatchback (89 94) *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.6. For year 1998 exhaust manifold for skoda fun pickup: 1581360
  • Factories Include: Sarajevo, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Aurangabad - India.

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    It's not that long ago that Skoda was at the wrong end of those awful ownership jokes, comparing them to skips and anything else that did not relate to something you would want to buy. Ironically, whilst this was going on several "World Rally" Class championships were being won, in the same vehicles being ridiculed. But since VW have taken over and most of the components are now shared with those favourite German models, they have risen to a level nearly level to the Volkswagen brand. Look for a taxi and these is a high chance it will be an "Octavia" or "Superb" doing the hard wok. Try finding a second hand version of these cheap and you will disappointed, as taxi firms snatch them up. In ares of Europe the demand is even higher, especially in countries such as Spain were residuals are higher for every vehicle. It is surprising that its history started in arms way back in 1859. After making bikes then trucks, it wasn't until the mid 1920s that cars started to be manufactured. Today Skoda is one of the few auto makers who have kept their original name since forming.

    Typical Requests
  • 05.43pm: tdi ambiant Octavia Estate (98 05) ELECTRIC DOOR MIRRORS 1900. For year 2001 drivers side only silver if posible: 1111613
  • 11.18pm: pickup Felicia Estate (95 01) TAILGATE 1.3. For year 1997 : 1112695
  • 01.12pm: Felicia Estate (95 01) THROTTLE BODY . For year 1996 : 1164071
  • 08.01pm: Felicia Estate (95 01) HEADLAMP - Offside (O/S Drivers Side) . For year 1995 : 1120378
  • 02.51pm: sdi Octavia Estate (98 05) WINDOW REGULATOR (NSF ELECTRIC) 1896. For year 1994 : 1147363
  • 06.40am: tdi Octavia Hatchback (98 05) HEATER BLOWER MOTOR 1900. For year 1993 : 1214683
  • 12.55pm: tdi Octavia Estate (98 05) *GEARBOX COMPONENT 1.9. For year 1992 : 1280016
  • 08.54pm: Felicia Hatchback (94 01) BONNET RAMS 1800. For year 1991 : 1119013
  • Credit cards are accepted from all Skoda vehicle dismantlers, delivery times can vary.

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