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CarSpareFinder helps you find Volkswagen spares, by using our online system. It's a Free and simple process to attain those accessories from a network of Volkswagen breaker yards and retailers from all over the UK.

Here is how the process of sourcing and purchasing Volkswagen parts works. In order for your Volkswagen specialist to know what you are looking for, you need to complete the form. Try to be as precise as possible, with registration number and any Volkswagen serial numbers too. Your request information is then sent, only to registered Volkswagen breaker yards on our system, who will check for item availability. If in stock, based prices will be shown on your personal price screen and sent by email. You then compare your Volkswagen car parts quotes and decide which company you want to deal with. You can then ring the Volkswagen supplier, to order the components. Don't forget to ask about delivery and warranties, all Volkswagen vehicle dismantlers offer these.

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  • 07.53pm: Touareg (03 09) Tdi TAILGATE 3000. For year 2012
  • 08.33am: Transporter (10 on) SWB DOOR MIRROR (N/S ELECTRIC AND HEATED) . For year 2011 Plus folding action if possible, preferably OEM black
  • 11.11pm: Golf GTI (09 on) FOGLIGHT - Front Offside (O/S Drivers Side) . For year 2010 gti front fog lamp and grills
  • 04.32pm: Golf Hatchback (09 on) GT TDI SET ALLOY WHELLS (4) 2.00. For year 2009 VANCOUVER ALLOYS
  • 05.27pm: Fox (06 12) 1.2 REAR BUMPER 1198. For year 2008
  • 03.32pm: Eos (06 on) tdi *OTHER* 2L. For year 2007 Battery cover

  • VW is the main brand of the Group that owns many other manufacturers including Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bentley to name a few. Combined it is currently the second largest manufacturer in the world based on 2011 sales figures. Many components are shared amongst the other brands within the group, especially engines, this often means breaker yards tend to specialise in VAG (short for Volkswagen Audi Group, even though there are other makes now included), it is very possible that the items you buy, come off a sister brand.

    Coupe Cabriolets


    Competition Expected to Intensify in China

    But competition is heading up in other areas of the market as well. VAG said at the auto show that it plans to launch its Seat brand—which it often aims at younger buyers—in China next year, and the German company announced a push into southern China, where it said Japanese brands [...]

    Plans Not On same Page

    The Japanese automaker wants to buy back a 19.9 percent stake in Suzuki while dumping it's 1.5 percent stake in VW, in large part because it's fed up with the fact these two companies are not on the same page. The comments coming out of Japan in recent months made it [...]

    Recent Price Quotes

  • 10.06pm VOLKSWAGEN Passat Estate (97-01) DOOR MIRROR (N/S ELECTRIC) Nearside (Passenger Side) 1.8 . For year 2000 , Price £ 33, Q=1766447
  • 09.24pm VOLKSWAGEN Polo Hatchback (00-02) *BODY COMPONENT 1.4 Exterior door handle. For year 2000 Exterior door handle, Price £ 15, Q=1766451
  • 06.02pm VOLKSWAGEN Passat Estate (97-01) *OTHER* Offside headlamp. For year 2000 Offside headlamp, Price £ 40, Q=1765985
  • 04.23pm VOLKSWAGEN Polo Hatchback (00-02) MANUAL GEARBOX 5 SPEED 1.4 . For year 2000 , Price £ 240, Q=1762438
  • 10.32pm VOLKSWAGEN Sharan (95-00) POWER STEERING PUMP 1.9 . For year 1999 , Price £ 58.8, Q=592964
  • 09.41pm VOLKSWAGEN Polo Hatchback (94-00) STARTER MOTOR 1.4 . For year 1988 , Price £ 46.8, Q=592966
  • More Typical Requests

  • 02.30am: tdi Passat Saloon (05 10) TURBO CHARGER 2.0 tdi. For year 2005
  • 06.37pm: tdi Touareg (03 09) PROPSHAFT . For year 2004
  • 05.10pm: tdi Transporter (96 03) INTERCOOLER 2.5. For year 2003
  • 10.56am: E65 Polo Hatchback (02 09) BARE UNIT (Petrol) 1198. For year 2002
  • 05.33pm: turbo Passat Estate (00 05) POWER STEERING PUMP . For year 2001
  • 03.35pm: Polo Hatchback (00 02) DOOR MIRROR (N/S ELECTRIC AND HEATED) Nearside (Passenger Side) 1.4. For year 2000 just the mechanism would be ok

  • Credit cards are accepted from all Volkswagen vehicle dismantlers, delivery times can vary.

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