January 22, 2012 at 10:40 am

Buying Genuine Parts For Rovers

It has been several years now since Rover ceased production of its cars and some of its designs bought by the Chinese although its brand is still owned by BMW.

With pretty much all Rover cars being old designs even at the point of closure, the various genuine car parts used are becomingĀ  harder to find, although aftermarket parts are in abundance. For most people this is no longer a problem their Rover may not be worth the financial value to treat it it to genuine Rover parts bought new, but id the used market is capitalised on thoroughly, there should be no reason why genuine parts cannot be found from the network of breaker yards here on Carsparefinder.

To be frank, even used cars are becomming fewer and fewer especially for models made prior to 2000, and breaker yards who would have specialised in Rovers have in the large moved on to other makes or closed down. We rely on a small amount of specialists and general breaker yards (who do a bit of everything), to keep the stock availability.

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