November 25, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Peugeot In South Africa

At the heart of the new improved servicing arrangements is the company’s Linbro Park parts warehouse, home to about R35 million of items. Here is to be found the same sort of totally integrated storage, identification and picking system as is found in Peugeot France—a system which allows for the rapid retrieval of parts. So much so that Peugeot dealers in and around Gauteng can now get an unprecedented four deliveries of parts a day. Not only does this improve productivity at the dealership by reducing turnaround times and throughput; but it puts a big smile on customers’ faces when they get their cars back from routine maintenance or repairs with minimal delay.

The performance is impressive. Dealers who get their order into Peugeot by 4pm will have a visit during the night and the parts on order will be put into a secure drop box so they are ready and waiting for the mechanics when they get to work the next morning.

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