Specialised and Other Makes

If you own a make listed below you need access to specialised car parts suppliers or a large network of breaker yards to capture the odd vehicle that may be in each one to get the best chance of locating your spares and parts you need. The makes either require specialised knowledge to sell the correct parts, or were not manufactured in quantities that can mean it is harder to locate, opposed to the Fords and Vauxhalls that were sold in the millions throughout the UK.

There are some makes like Chevrolet or Opal which have the same engines as other makes such as Vauxhall, so you could consider doing parts request using the popular make here in the UK. If you are unsure you should stick to filling in the CarSpareFinder form with as much info about your car as possible. most suppliers will know if they have a comparable item in their yard to do the job. We have also listed certain 4 x 4 makes because we have a specialised 4x4 car parts web site that will capture those requests.


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